Etikett: Katarinaro

  • KatarinaRo


    KatarinaRo A unique Self Catering Cottage situated 4 m above the ground, directly by the lake Stora Sundsjön. KatarinaRo fits well for two people who want an incredible natural experience in the middle of Norrby Manor’s quiet forests. KatarinaRo is surrounded by a terrace. Just below the stairs there is a dock that belongs to…

  • Lelleborg


    We built Lelleborg in 1995 trying to unify old craftsmanship with new. We where inspired by the Russian Datjas and Swedish pinewood. Lelleborg looks out to Lake Sundsjön, it is just 30 meters to the beach with access to a boat and fishing. The design of the house is open with light pouring in through…