Norrby, sevärdheter



The Glassworks are numerous and renowned in this part of Sweden. Reijemyre, Orrefors, Pukeberg, Boda, Skrufs Glasbruk and several more. Visit old and well-preserved factories. Feel the old times, learn how to make glass and make real bargains in the factory outlets.

Tåkern is one of North Europe’s finest bird lakes. Guided tours from April to October.

Omberg is a mountain situated north of Ödeshög, near lake Vättern. With a beautiful primeval forest, hikes and beautiful views, Omberg is a popular excursion. At the foot of the mountain lies Alvastrawith ruins from the country’s oldest cistern monastery. Not far from here you will find Strand, the home of the author Ellen Key.

Övralid was the home of the national poet Verner von Heidenstam. It is preserved the way he left it and it is open for visitors.

Golf courses. There are plenty to choose from. The closest is Tranås Golf club, which has a nice view over Lake Sommen. Tel +0046 140 311661.

Steamboat trips are available with departure from Tranås harbour. Go with S/S Boxholm2 in the lake Sommen. For booking and more information please contact Tranås Tourist office, telephone number +46 140 68333.

Fishing is lovely in this landscape with so many lakes and such a varying landscape. We have the right of fishing in our two lakes Sundsjön and Välen, well stocked with pikes and perch. Or if you prefer to fish for char and salmon trout in one of the other lakes, fishing cards are available at all tourist offices in Östergötland and Småland.